2023 Summer Special



This is a SPECIAL you can not turn down!!!!

Maryland Wear & Carry – 16 Hour Class Requirement  ($325 Value)

Maryland Handgun Qualification License – 5 Hour Class Requirement (A lot of this is covered in our Wear & Carry Class) ($75 Value)

The training required to apply for ONE of the following states (requires an additional 3o minutes to 60 minutes per State) ($75 Value by itself and $25 with Wear & Carry)

Your Choice:

Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit

Florida Concealed Weapons License

Utah Concealed Firearms Permit

Total classroom and Range time is around 16 hours to 18 hours

You may add on the other States at time of class for only $25 each.

Total Value $425

Original price was: $425.00.Current price is: $300.00.