Molon Labe Firearm Trainers Practical Pistol i

MLFT Practical Pistol I

This 8-hour course of Practical Pistol I, provides students with situational awareness skills, conflict avoidance, and why seconds count in a use of force situation. Throughout the training, you will have the unique opportunity to handle a variety of firearms to ensure you have the best tools for your self-defense plan. You will learn how to master the correct ‘building blocks’ and shooting fundamentals to turn correct and consistent practice into ‘muscle memory’. In the classroom, we will spend some time perfecting your grip, stance, trigger control and teach you how to ‘defensively’ draw from the holster. Your instructor will thoroughly explain Maryland firearm laws, transportation, and use of force.

 Important Notes

  • All students MUST wear range appropriate clothing including closed-toe shoes and a sturdy belt. 

Duration: 8 Hours Total 

Price: $100.00 

Module Objectives:

  • Learn how to use situational awareness to maintain safety.
  • Understand how using the ‘Color Codes of Awareness’
  • Acquire the knowledge required to choose a self-defense firearm for his or her defensive needs.
  • Learn the proper way to load and unload many types of handguns.
  • Identify firearm malfunctions and learn basic techniques for clearing them.
  • Shoot various handguns in a live fire exercise on the range.
  • Participants will learn what ‘defensive’ shooting is and how to do it. 
  • Learn proper grip, stance, and trigger control.
  • Learn and practice the difference between point shooting and sighted fire.
  • Learn and practice how to use a ‘flash sight picture’.
  • Learn and apply the steps of a defensive holster draw.
  • Different types of personal defense ammunition and their characteristics including caliber, knockdown power, and stopping power.

Need help with paperwork? 

We can do that with you. Navigating the difficult path of the bureaucrats is not easy. Let our professionals get it done for you. 

$100 Single State

$200 Multiple States

Additional Information 

If you need to Rent a Firearm and or need Ammo for the Live Fire Exercises.

  • Firearm Rental is $25
  • .9mm Ammo is $1 per round (Subject to Change)
  • .22 Ammo is $0.25 per round (subject to Change) Basics of Pistol ONLY