Florida CWL Non-Resident

In this Florida firearms safety training course, students will receive instruction on firearm safety, handling, Flordia state firearm law, handgun parts and operation, and basic maintenance of a firearm. Additionally, a basic use-of-force lecture will be included.  This 8-hour course covers time in the classroom, our simulation lab and live firing on the range.

Duration: 4-5 hours

Student Requirements

  • Students are STRONGLY encouraged to bring and shoot their own handgun.
  • 100 rounds of ammunition

Cost: $75

*We offer every weekend

  • $25 if you take a MD, DE, or VA Permit Class

** If you would like to take class by itself, please contact us.

Module Objectives:

  • Learn how to use situational awareness to maintain safety.
  • Understand how using the ‘Color Codes of Awareness’
  • Acquire the knowledge required to choose a self-defense firearm for his or her defensive needs.
  • Learn the proper way to load and unload many types of handguns.
  • Identify firearm malfunctions and learn basic techniques for clearing them.
  • Participants will learn what ‘defensive’ shooting is and how to do it. 
  • Learn proper grip, stance, and trigger control.
  • Learn and practice the difference between point shooting and sighted fire.
  • Learn and practice how to use a ‘flash sight picture’.
  • Florida Law

Need help with paperwork? 

We can do that with you. Navigating the difficult path of the bureaucrats is not easy. Let our professionals get it done for you. 

$100 Single State

$200 Multiple States